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A poem for @blairepines contest!


she's everything.

she's fire, because of the way she burns so brightly in the dark, fueled by her passions,

the way her love seems boundless, endless. not just for you, but for everything.

her love is like the kiss of a flame without the pain, and

she'd set the city on fire to keep you warm, if you needed it.

she's like water, the way she flows through existence,

bringing life, brightening everything around her.

the way it feels like you'll drown under the weight of your love for her, sometimes.

the way she looks in the rain, and, oh, those eyes, as ever-changing as the shifting storm clouds.

she's like the earth, the way she holds you, keeps you steady, helps you grow.

she's as strong as the mountains and gentle as the foothills,

loving her is golden, and any conversation contains hidden gems

that make you want to delve deeper, learn every sparkling secret.

and she's like air: all soft caresses and breathy laughs.

she's the thing that lifts you up, a single smile could fill your sails, push you on for days.

she's like air, the way she's constantly blowing you away,

that brilliant mind full of so much good, so much creativity.

she's elemental, everything at once, and you adore it.

for @blairepines contest!

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