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moonqueen Hello! I´m a new writer here.
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First book.. my narrator would like to say hi!


Hey! You! Yes you, I don't see much anyone else.

What're you doing here? Reading? Well, aren't you the obvious one.

Anyway, I don't think you should be reading this. It's my author's first work, and well, it can't be much of a good story if it includes me...

Seriously, why are you still here?

Stop going onto a new page... trust me, you don´t wanna read this.

Oh, you´re still here? Well, I suppose you´ll be gone soon anyway.

While you stay here, I suppose you might get to know me.

I don´t really know what I look like, I´m just here, on this screen.

Now I feel stupid for talking to myself. You aren´t responding, I presume, and if you are, I can´t hear you.

It´s not my fault I don´t have much to say anyway. Most narrators are given a character to write about. Usually a hero, saving the world and such.

Me? I´m no hero. So how could this book possibly be about me?

Well, I´ve already taken up too much of your time.. I´m sorry! Well, hopefully I can see you again..


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