The thorns of the Rose
The thorns of the Rose #contesttime2 stories

moonquaye the dark side of the moon
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My entry for @tarocutes
I chose the category Love Kills
and the prompt "you killed me just for you"
This is my first time joining a contest. Hope you like it.

The thorns of the Rose

I am in a garden

Trying to soften the soil that once hardened

I saw a bright flower,

I pick it up; I guess I'm not that clever.

Its thorns keep me bleeding

But I look at the petals and I feel redeemed.

This feeling's a monster;

Love can't be controlled, it doesn't have a Master.

So I tried to never let love in

But your sweet words keep me open.

In every mistake, you receive forgiveness

I said there's nothing wrong with being honest.

You hold my hand so tight but you meant to let it go

You said you love me so much but you never show.

If you really want me to stay

Why did you push me away?

You leave me once, then twice, then many times

And so I learned to greet you with a bitter smile.

You killed me just for you

You stab a knife in everything you do.

I hold on to your promises that become lies.

These thorns of rose leave me scars.

In my life you play a big part

How ironic, love kills my loving heart.

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