Our Unfinished Story
Our Unfinished Story waiting stories

moonquaye the dark side of the moon
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Never letting love in, a broken hearted girl pushes a man away who tried everything to make her whole again. But she realize later that he is the one that she needed, so she's waiting for him.

Our Unfinished Story

Like in fairytale, you met me as Cinderella.

The rain comes, and you shed me with your umbrella.

Maybe it's been years since the last.

Maybe it's been years since the last. Try to make me smile, you built the broken glass.

You brought me to a place where I can cry.

You look into my eyes and I cannot deny;

I wouldn't forget this road and this moment;

I wouldn't forget this road and this moment; The day may end but in my memories it's permanent.

Why are we playing hide and seek?

The story is chaos; I don't know where it leads.

I'm getting tired. Why I'm still on this track?

Oh, it's right! Opposite do attract.

The fragile thing I protected with walls;

Try to keep myself from hurting, I believe what's false.

It's hard to know what's right when you were young

You'll realize what's important when it's gone.

I'm sitting alone; watching the clock

Wondering if he will ever come back.

I'm staring at the sunset, waiting for your coming.

Let's write this story with a happy ending.

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