Time Turner
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Escaping a realationship.

Time Turner

As I stand here in silence

My feet on the ground

I look to the future

And imagine it now

I saw love and compassion

I saw tears and despair

It's a future I wanted

But now I don't care

My words kept on flowing

The timer ran out

I looked to the future

And then came my doubt

I saw the end coming

I reached for your hand

But it slipped away

And I fell through the sand.

The timer kept turning

I slid away fast

Engulfed by the flow

I let go of the past.

Suffocated by words

Suffocated by actions

I tried every time

To create a distraction

But faster I fell

And left you up there

And so slipped away

My doubt and despair

The sun shone above me

It came right through the glass

I saw a door open

An escape from the past

I struggle on forward

As the sand pulled me in

But I grasped and I struggled

I didn't let it win

I reached for the handle

And let out a shout

And finally pulled myself up

And let myself out.

The time kept turning

But I just stood in awe

At how I found my way out

Through the crack in the door.

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