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Temptations Chp 1


Savannah walked down the alley. The scary night, silent street, owls hooting made the atmosphere around her a little creepy, but she went on till she reached her destination.

She was a brave person and was never afraid to walk in the dark, but because of recent developments in the town, even the strongest of people were cautious.

That night was surprisingly cold and windy for August.

She was always vigilant of her surroundings, but only if she looked at places she never expected him to be at, her life wouldn't have turned into havoc and mess.

Savannah mom pov

*On the phone*

Caller: You know the deal, you can't argue now!

Mom: No please, please give me some time

Caller: Lady I don't like people whining around me. Just send me your address.

Mom: Please, the deal was all in the past, why can't I pay you instead?

Caller: Boss doesn't want any money, he doesn't like turning away from what he has said. He wants the girl. You can keep your money.

Mom: No, please, don't hang up on me.

*Caller hangs up*

Savannah's mom falls to the ground, regretting the personality she had in the past, regretting being as greedy as she was because now Savannah was her lifeline.

She knew she wouldn't be able to witness her daughter taken away from her.

She knew it was time to execute her plan. She couldn't wait any longer. She would lose her daughter if she hesitated anymore.

Stalker Pov

She walked the alley, looking perfect as always, I knew I had to claim her, take her away from all of them. She was mine, my Savannah. It was just a matter of time till I could claim her.

The stalker had been behind Savannah since the age of 16 and, now she being an adult with responsibilities, he felt more attracted to her.

The way she handled responsibilities and her job made him imagine all the ways they'd take care of each other, once he claimed her.

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