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moonofmine “We ran as if to meet the moon”
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Savannah woke to her chained to a bed that seemed unfamiliar. She tried her best to release herself from those chains, but it was of no use.

Savannah saw a shadow falling upon her and lifted herself slightly up to see. In front of her, she saw Jungkook standing, grinning, smirking enjoying the sight ahead of him.

Savannah couldn't believe what she was seeing. She screamed her lungs out, while Jungkook let out a loud laugh, enjoying her pain.

She screamed out for Taehyung and noticed the change in Jungkook's expression. Jungkook approached her, crawling onto the bed from in between her legs.

Savannah tried to push him away with her legs, but unfortunately, her legs were chained. Jungkook hovered over her, grabbing her chin, as anger filled his eye.

"Who are you calling whore" he said as he slapped her across the face. Savannah was adamant not to cry in front of him this time. She knew she had to be brave.

Jungkook licked her cheek, his tongue moving across her face. She was shattering, unable to control her emotions. Jungkook got off from her and sat at the side of the bed.

"I have things to complete, baby girl. You see your sweet friend destroyed my perfect plan, but you see I not amongst those who give up.

You are mine only, and only my hands can get on that body of yours." Savannah shook with fear. She never knew things would get to such an extreme.

She tried her best to get out of the restraints, but couldn't. Watching her gave Jungkook pleasure.

He got up to grab himself the things that he would need to enjoy the rest of the night while Savannah cried in agony.

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