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moonofmine “We ran as if to meet the moon”
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Savannah remained in Jungkook's arms crying, as he tried to calm her. He picked her and placed her onto the couch and, went over the fridge to grab some drinks.

Their night was wasted, just as they were. Jungkook eventually called over some friends because Savannah wouldn't stop crying over her being lonely. The house was filled with drinks and, whatnot.

Savannah herself was shocked over what had happened the previous night because it was unlike her, even if it was under the influence of alcohol.

She wanted to dash out of the house but knew that Jungkook wouldn't allow that.

She gathered her things and made a run for the door, but Jungkook was faster than her.

He ran towards the door and blocked the door and said: "where do you think you're going, baby??" Jungkook pushed her back and smirked as she felt helpless.

Jungkook laughed loud as he heard Savannah screaming out for help.

He knew that no one would come to help her and, she was all his, but he was mistaken for Savannah had saviours who she didn't know.

Jungkook approached Savannah as they heard a loud bang from behind them. Both of them shifted their attention towards the door, which lay on the ground broken.

Beyond all of it was her saviour, who would turn into her devil. The man jumped in the house, his hands landing upon Jungkook's throat choking him.

Jungkook eyes widened looking at him, as he fell onto his knees, crawling towards the door.

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