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moonofmine “We ran as if to meet the moon”
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Savannah knocked at the door a multiple times, waiting for someone to respond.

She brought her ear closer to the door, trying to hear what was happening inside.

" Babe, are you in there, please open the door. I am tired." She waited outside for another few minutes before unlocking the door with her keys.

On entering the house, she found her boyfriend peacefully sleeping on the couch with the TV playing. She slightly chuckled, looking at how cute he looked.

She hurried to her room to freshen up, before crashing onto the couch with her boyfriend. She stared at his features for some time without realising how much time had passed.

She slid her fingers to his waist and began tickling him and giggling.

Savannah's mom Pov

The house was a complete mess, glass and vases crashed onto the floor as she rummaged through the closet. She knew time wasn't on her side. She didn't have any time to rest or do anything else.

She packed everything she considered valuable, tears rolling down her cheeks. Looking back at the mess that had become of the house, she ran out of her door.

Not knowing where to go, she let her feet guide her.

Savannah ran to her boyfriend, who was laying on the couch, snoring, sleeping.

She walked towards him wanting to fall in his embrace, but the stench of alcohol pushed her away.

She figured that he had been drinking and look at him with a cross face.

*doorbell rings*

Savannah was startled at first when she heard the doorbell, for it was too late for anyone to visit them.

She tried her best to wake her boyfriend up, but he slept as if it was the end of the world.

She got up to open to the door. At their doorstep, she found a drunk girl with an alcohol bottle in her hand, whispering Savannah's boyfriend's name.

"Jake, baby come here, look I brought the drink you asked me to. We have the whole night to ourselves" she giggled as she pushed past Savannah to reach her boyfriend.

Savannah had tears in her eyes, for once she thought she had got true love in her life, but it was all a lie, everything was.

She gathered her things and ran out of the home, not knowing where she'd end up. She was lost and hurt.

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