In love with your soul
In love with your soul jungkookff stories

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In love with your soul

Characters Jungkook Anya (Ananya) @mellosii BTS

Jungkook POV

'I hate running late for class, its the worst' Jungkook thought running through the streets trying to reach school at the earliest possible. He didn't stop a second for taking a breath.

Jungkook arrived to class just a minute late and, from there he knew his day would go bad. He held grudges and, today's was no different.

He swung his bag over his shoulder and walked over to his usual place. He and his friends were the seven most famous guys in school.

They were known for their talents and admired for their looks and manners. Jungkook was praised and liked by all his teacher and never did he want to lose that.

The class got over early that morning and, just as the bell rang, all the students ran out the doors ignoring whatever the teachers told them.

Jungkook and his friends were the last ones to leave, and this was usual for them.

They'd always help the teachers with their things and carry it for them, but today Jungkook dashed out the door when everyone left the class.

He was disappointed in himself for being careless and arriving to class late though his teacher didn't mind it.

He walked silently without his friends and went to the place he would always go when he felt down. The terrace and its stairs were known by only some people.

He was among the few, but that day Jungkook saw someone he had never seen in his life and neither expected to see.

He saw a girl with the most beautiful hair he had ever seen sitting on the terrace stairs, smoking. Her head was down and, her uniform looked worn out.

Something about her didn't seem right, but that never was his concern.

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