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In love with your soul

*3 years later*

Jungkook came home after work, tired and exhausted as he let his self fall on the bed. He called out for Anya but didn't get any response. It had a been a while since he felt distant from her.

He noticed him getting ignored by her. Somewhere, he felt like he was to be the one blamed.

He felt like he was the one who was at fault, but he didn't know about where the issue initially started.

He walked out of his room towards the kitchen to prepare lunch for himself. He saw her sitting on the couch, staring straight at the wall with the phone in her hand.

Jungkook called her but received no response from her. It was not the first time for Jungkook. Anya would often blank out randomly and sit in the same position for hours.

Jungkook went towards her and rested his head on her lap. She shook her head and looked at him, smiling. It was as if she had completely transformed from one person to the other.

She got up from her place, smiling towards him as she approached the refrigerator.

"Should I make something for you hun" smiling as she pulled out food? Jungkook slightly nodded his head, continuously staring at her.

*On the table*

"Anya, umm... I have to visit my mom today, so could you please get my black coat out. I can't seem to find it" Jungkook said, eating the food she prepared for him.

He noticed her expression seemed unpleasant whenever he mentioned his mother. To him, it was upsetting.

Jungkook walked towards his mom, who left his side years back. He'd visit her every Sunday because it was her favourite day.

He kneeled in front of her, placing flowers at her footstep, as he let his tears flow at her feet.

"Mom, I miss you. I hope you are doing good up there. I should have died in your place. You still had a long life to live mom. I love you" he wept in front of his mother's grave.

Jungkook got back onto his feet ready to say his goodbyes when he saw a grave with a familiar name.

*Anya Mathews*


Busan, South Korea


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