In love with your soul
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In love with your soul

Jungkook cleared his throat and sat at the place he usually would. The girl then looked up and saw Jungkook sitting in front of her facing her. Her face was different.

She had a perfect face, and her eyes, nose and lips were perfectly aligned. She had purple paint underneath her eyes as if something was dripping down her eyes.

Jungkook loved the way she looked, to him, it seemed like love at first sight. Jungkook tried to start a conversation with her.

All through the conversation, she just stared at him as if she were to be examining her. Jungkook waved a hand at her to get her attention."Hi, I'm Anya.

I'm new to the school so, I don't know much about this place. Do you perhaps mind showing me around" she said.

Jungkook was about to answer her when all his friends ran to him and started to call him out.

Jungkook got annoyed at them and shouted "You guys, can't you see I'm in the middle of a conversation. You guys can go. I'll join you later.

They all stared at him for a second and gave him dirty and confused looks and walked off. "I'm sorry about that. My friends can get chaotic at the time. You were saying...

" Jungkook told her, embarrassed. "No, it's alright, it's lucky to have such wonderful friends." Jungkook could sense some amount of pain behind her voice.

It was as if she knew what it was like to lose friends, but he'd never know.

The next day

Jugkook came to school earlier than usual not because he was sorry for being late the other day but because Anya had told him that she'd want him to give her a tour around the school

before school starts. He entered the school and saw her sitting in the basketball court, dribbling the ball. Jungkook unconsciously smiled, looking at her waiting for him.

He felt a strong sense of togetherness with her, but he knew he had to let things go at their own pace. He ran towards her from her behind, hoping to startle her.

Before he could do anything, she turned around and smiled at him. Jungkook knew he had failed and chuckled to himself.

" I am so sorry for being late, I had to buy my mom something," he said, flashing a smile hoping for her to forgive him.

She giggled looking at his dumb yet cute face " It's alright, I anyways just reached so I didn't have to wait long for you.

" Jungkook held her hand and guided her around the school, giving an idea of the school. After that extensive tour, both of them reached the playground back.

He was standing beside him when she started speaking "Honestly, I admire your friends, you are lucky to have them. Where I came from, I don't think anyone loved me.

All the girls bullied me so, I got forced to move to another school, and I am looking forward to fitting in with everyone here.

Jungkook noticed that every word of hers somewhere held more pain than she let show.

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