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My road has been riddled with mistakes. I won't let them ruin me.


by caitlinmonty

I can pinpoint the exact moment when my life changed.

It was when I met you and I fell in love with your smile.

It was when you introduced me to her and she became my best friend.

It was when she spiraled down and wouldn't let me help her back up.

It was when she left me behind and I turned to that girl.

It was when that girl built me up only to shatter me completely.

My story is full of mistakes.

Dating you was the beginning.

Being friends with her was the middle.

And allowing that girl into my life was the end.

Being back at where it all started sets me back to the beginning.

Why can't you all let me go?

I'm tired of my past mistakes preventing me from feeling free.

But I refuse to let them keep me from moving forward.

I haven't forgotten all I've been through, but I've learned from it.

I'm ready to start a new chapter.

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