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moonlit_essa Just me navigating through a breakup
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'Uncensored' is a poem about dealing with a breakup on your own because you want the other person to thrive even though you've been left behind, suffering.


I'm wearing a mask I ceased being transparent I think I have grasped The true meaning of love

I have but one task My brain's incoherent I want to protect The one who left off

The tears in my eyes can't ever appear Not before you, not anymore Not in the dark, surely not here I can't show this pain in my heart at all

I'm wearing a veil My eyes are now covered I'm drowning all day In a pool of my tears

It may seem unreal But you'll never see that You walked away Left me with my fears

The scars on my chest don't ever heal It was hard before, it's harder this time I don't understand, what was the appeal? If we cast a shadow, then how did we shine?

A myriad of fears in this empty room The will to stay strong, yet weak in the dark I can't stress enough, I want you to bloom Even without me, even from afar

I love you So much

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