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moonlit_essa Just me navigating through a breakup
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You said I was safe I wasn't

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You said I was safe

I wasn't

You thought I was brave

I'm not

You made a mistake

How was it?

To drop me and watch me break

I think it's my fault

It wasn't

I tried to blame you

Why not

You said that I'm bold

How awesome

It didn't protect me at all

I thought it would heal

It doesn't

What's the damn deal

I'm hurt

You liked me for real

Then you didn't

The envelope was never sealed

You thought it was torture

It wasn't

Do I show you my pain

No I don't

Does it drive me insane

No it doesn't

I wouldn't drag you down for the world

One final whisper

I mustn't

I want your happiness

I do

I'll smile through my tears

It doesn't

It doesn't matter no more to you

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