waiting. (ocd)
waiting. (ocd) obsessive compulsive disorder stories

moonlit-sun Community member
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on mental illness and family dysfunction

waiting. (ocd)

i was raised to believe that the brain is powerful

but yours was powerless to stop you

and you made mine powerless

until i was feeding my baby sister a dinner of mini muffins and string cheese and hoping it was good enough

sitting in a corner trying to hide my naked body because it’s changing and everyone can see

covering my little brothers ears to block out the screaming and crying of my parents but having no one to cover mine

the scalding hot burn of the shower on my skin to wash away germs that aren’t there

the inescapable pain of feeling like you have no one to care for you

and you never will.

and if things never get better

then my life will be an endless cycle of waiting.

waiting to be let out of the room waiting for clean clothes waiting for uncontaminated water waiting my turn for a shower


for her to get better.

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