Mask An original poem.
An original poem. finding myself stories

moonlightshine Community member
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Hope you all enjoy this poem I wrote. This one is about how I've finally come to terms with myself and how I shouldn't hide my true feelings. More poems will be on their way.

Mask An original poem.

Day to day I wear my mask.

With every aching hour, the more painful becomes the task.

To hold in what I feel deep down.

I smile at each person as if I were a clown.

My smile forced and painted on.

People ask whats wrong.

I start to answer, but then bite my tongue.

I rethink my reply and end my sentence with "I'm fine."

I say it with sadness in my voice hoping they get a sign.

But in the end it's all for naught, for my mask is that of a wall.

Both impenetrable and inescapable.

I want to take off this mask, but I'm alone and incapable.

So I sit back and laugh at myself as tears run down my face.

How can I be so pathetic, how did I put myself in this place.

The sound of my sobs rattles the mask leaving a crack.

Maybe there is hope for me after all.

Maybe there is an up to this long fall.

The sadness starts to fade away.

I'm at a loss of words, not knowing what to say.

I rest my head against the wall and finally smile.

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