Mind of a Killer An original poem.
Mind of a Killer
An original poem. gone stories

moonlightshine Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   3 years ago
This is an older poem I wrote when I was really into crime thrillers. I wanted try and write a poem in a killers mind set. Hope you guys enjoy.

Mind of a Killer An original poem.

Lifeless eyes stare at me from behind the mirror.

Frost slowly consumes my body, making me grow numb.

It's smile screams, I am a true terror.

I scream at the mirror, horrified at what I have become.

When did I lose feelings a human should feel.

When did my morals become forgotten.

I am a thief of high caliber, for no one can compete with what I steal.

I am a taker of lives, even the ones of my kin.

For I am a serial killer

To see me in the streets, means death.

For I feel no guilt when I pull the trigger.

I laugh as we both take our final breathe.

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