Island An original poem.
An original poem. alone stories

moonlightshine Community member
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This poem is something that comes from my true feelings. I know it's not the best written poem, but it's just what came to mind as I sat here on my bed with my laptop. Hope you enjoy it.

Island An original poem.

Alone I sit, with no place to call home.

As day and night go by.

I sit in my room as I wright this poem.

Feeling as if I have no more energy to try.

The darkness encircles me.

I know not where to go.

If only someone could see.

Lost out in sea for the tides are no longer low.

For a storm brews within.

I'm surrounded by the endless loneliness.

Drowning I am, deep within my sin.

On my knees I fall, as I confess.

Tears stream down my face.

I want off this island.

I want to be free from this dark place.

The light is what I seek, for I could find it if only someone would give me a hand.

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