A Forgotten Treasure
A Forgotten Treasure  love stories

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A love discovered by the devil

A Forgotten Treasure

My heart was afraid, but he assured me

My hands were shaking, but he calmed them

My eyes finally saw him, but his look were no were found

My feelings were growing, but he turned away

Im lost, but keep wondering in the dark

Letting him in, every time he knocks at my door

Turning the pages, only to reread the book

Going all in, but loosing the bet

Thinking we had a destination, only to end up in the cold ocean

The waves were supposed to go steady, but their grow taller

Washing over me, with no one in sight

When getting to the surface, I find you

But you have no intention of sailing back

You said you wanted to see the sunset

But the sun is nowhere to be found

And you have turned your face towards the moon

But I cannot travel to the moon, while looking searching for the sun

I cannot keep walking after you steps, slowly falling behind

Now that I am sailing away, you paddle back

Byt I wont let you on the boat, because you had a oneway ticket

And you can not trade anything for something, that is no longer is

My mind is focusing on the sun, and gets closer everyday

While my heart is longing for the moon, but knows not to return

If the two meet, I will no longer shine, and a shadow will be cast on me

Sometimes we meet, and I pretend not to love

Because I know, it will hurt you to see how broken I have become

But I will never let you know how much I care, because if I do, I will break you too

You are a loving person, and you never wished to hurt

But the intention does not have an impact on the hurt

The great hurt, watching you give up on me

Give up on us

I have changed, and so have you

The waves still meets the shore, but the cold feeling is what keeps me from falling to sleep

Sleeping, dreaming and wondering if you will ever notice the love I hold for you

But my boat is sailing fast

And I can no longer feel the pain, only the love

That will forever be lost on the bottom of the see

A treasure hidden, from everyone who is not willing to sacrifice themselves even a little

A treasure for the one searching the sun

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