All He Is
All He Is christianity stories

moonisfalling_ Community member
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Wrote this in the midst of something very scary, very new to me. It's too personal to go into detail about, but please, enjoy <3

All He Is

I crave you when I awaken

In the glimpses of new light

Found again and whole

Through each step

I am awaken, reborn

In fact, as I feel

The devil approaching

My sword is drawn

In a split second

In fact, it is never not in sight

My armor is His promise

Never ceasing to exist

Forever attached to my body

The refreshing escape

Of His ultimate promise

Is all I will ever need

Exemplifying His importance

Further exploring the glory of

What creates miracles

In the midst of my pain

I actually forgot what is was I needed relief from

That is how beautiful

How amazing

Our God is

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