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32 year old John Parker invented a magical ring that could treasure and cherish memories. He always used it but one day found out that his wife and daughter died in a car crash. He then gets the ring and upgrades it and whenever he needs to he looks back at the memories through his invention.

My Entry for @donnia`s invent contest!
Another story based on a song. Link to ¨Memories¨ By Maroon5. https://youtu.be/o2DXt11S...

Thank you @donnia for giving this prompt and creating the invent contest! Make sure to enter it if youre willing to!

{ Memories } A Story by @Moonime

¨Mommy, do you know when the baby will come?¨ 8 year old Ava asked her mother. ¨In 9 months.¨ Mary told her daughter. ¨9 months?! I cant wait that long!¨ Mary chuckled. ¨Dont worry, sweet pee. It wont take forever.¨ She said. Ava smiled. ¨Why dont you go check up on your father in his lab?¨ Mary said. Ava nodded and walked to the garage, where her father`s lab was.

¨Daddy!¨ Ava called to her father. John, Ava`s dad`s hair was a bit burnt. He had been inventing something amazing. ¨Hello sweetie.¨ He said, and grinned. John loved seeing his daughter. ¨What are you making?¨ She asked. ¨Well, I`m inventing this marvelous ring where you can cherish memories in it.¨ John said. ¨How does it work?¨ Ava asked, once again.

¨There`s a `record´ and a `take photo´ button. You can either take a video or a picture. The ring can also turn into a watch, and you could connect it to another device to look or watch the thing you took a picture of or took a video of. Wanna take a picture together?¨ He said. Ava nodded and they took a picture. The magical ring saved the photo, and it had the date from when it was taken.


¨Okay John, Ava and I are going to the store. We`ll be back around noon.¨ Mary said. ¨Are you sure? Let me come with you.¨ John said. ¨Dont worry, sweetie. its fine.¨ Mary replied. John looked her in the eye and kissed her. ¨Be safe.. I love you.¨ He said. ¨I love you too, and you, Ava!¨ He picked up his daughter and they left.

It had been past noon, and John and his family hadnt returned yet. He began to worry. He called Mary, but she didnt answer. ¨I hope theyre okay.." He muttered under his breath. But just to make sure, he went to Ben`s SuperMarket to check on them. When he went there, he was shocked.

There were firefighters, ambulances, the police cars, and the smashed vehicles. One of them,belonged to his wife. The police detective said that it happeend because a car behind them was speeding and crashed into Mary`s car. The doctor also said that Mary` s lungs were damaged and they didnt have any spear ones. Ava was..dead.

¨NOO! YOU SCOUNDREL! YOU KILLED MY FAMILY!¨ He screamed, and tears came out of his eyes. The guy who was in the car speeding and crashed into Mary`s car was being arrested. He just rolled his eyes. ¨Mary.. Ava.. please.. stay with me.¨ He mumbled. Nothing.

The accident wasnt so major, but it ended up on the local news. After the incident Mary and Ava were sent to the hostpital. There was another person in the guy`s car ( the one who crashed into Mary`s ) it seemed to be his boyfriend, Jackson. The guy`s name was Daniel. ) Jackson died. Even though Ava and Jackson were dead, the doctors still tried to do whatever they could.

But they couldnt do anything. And Mary was dead too. John was devastated. His daughter died too young.

The doctors said that somehow Mary`s baby survived, but he was incredibly unusual and injured. They would keep him in the hostpital for a few weeks.

Years had passed since the accident and John moved to a small city in Kentucky. There he continued his studies, and always looked at his cherished moments through his invention. John didnt remarry because he thought it would betray his relationship with Mary. Sometimes he would cry at night and wish he wouldve gone with them.

He did live with his son, Peter, who had a stutter. But Peter later grew up to be a great man and was known as Peter Parker, aka Spiderman. John died once Peter turned 20, and he would meet his wife and daughter in Heaven.

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