Eventually. a poem by moonhug

a poem 
by moonhug   sex stories

moonhug Peaceful manic.
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Meet me in Portland

Eventually. a poem by moonhug

No lack of passion comes with lack of focus.

I will finish

It just may not happen until I'm dead

In my next life, I'll make it happen.

My excuse for being a lazy asshole.

Don't push me too hard.

I rebel more than most.

Even if I agree with you, if you tell me what to do, I won't do it.

I'll do the opposite.

I'll watch you squirm.

And it will make me smile.

Don't underestimate my five foot stature.

I will destroy you and your dreams for the sake of my own.

I don't mean to.

It's just what I do.

From lust to love and back to lust again.

"A long strange trip it's been."

Forgive me, you will. Because you like the way I touch you. I make you feel good all over. And you know it.

My bag of tricks keeps you close.

I can screw up but then we screw and all that's been screwed is now unscrewed because of the screwing.

And you are left confused.

Do I want her? Or do I just need her?

I would like to think it's both, but baby... we both know where this is going.

You should leave before my heart starts to hurt.

I can't get any closer, it's not worth it, even if it really is.

I'll love you forever, and our story will be never ending.

I'll see you in Portland.

I'll kiss you again in California.

And we will hike in Alaska and make love under the darkness that is our light.

And then we will experience the pain that is our skin separating, as if glue were holding us together and now some force is trying to pull us apart.

I am surprised when I do not see bruises or blood, it hurts all over.

...for now. Until I see you in Portland.

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