There is a boy.
There is a boy. love stories
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moonelliot just another drifting leaf
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I wrote this a few years ago about someone I liked.

There is a boy.

There is a boy With his hair a dirty color With his eyes like beams

And his words like fire.

There is that boy He lives down the street He rides with his friends

And defies all rules.

I see that boy He talks back to the teacher He laughs at her words

And strolls away.

Who is that boy The one that is so brave The one who doesn't care

Because he can't hear what they say?

I want that boy The one in my PE class The one who makes me laugh

Whenever he says something loud.

I like that boy But I know it's kind of wrong

Because he's like a song With all the chords off tune

But it sounds kind of nice.

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