Destinies Intertwine Part 1
Destinies Intertwine Part 1 w/botw stories

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Link POV I see a light. It's a pinprick of it, like a beam of light in the darkness. It's so bright, but yet it's seems so small. I hear a voice, but it's muffled. I try to listen again.

Destinies Intertwine Part 1

Link POV

I see a light. It's a pinprick of it, like a beam of light in the darkness. It's so bright, but yet it's seems so small. I hear a voice, but it's muffled. I try to listen again.

The light suddenly seemed to glow brighter and become bigger.

"....Open your eyes...."

It's very muffled, but yes, I can hear it. The light pulses and grows again. I desperately push against the rock hard feeling of my eyelids. The light starts to shine, really brightly.

I finally force open my eyelids and everything is blurry.

"...Open your eyes..."

The room slowly focuses. I see a weird overhang with blue glowing things.

"Wake up Link." that my name? Everything seems strange at the moment. I feel something around me, water perhaps, drain away, leaving me feeling cold and vulnerable.

I blink again and rise up from the place I was laying. I was in some sort of tub with rock hard stuff. How was I sleeping in such a mess. Now...

how did I even get here? And who was that person? I try and think back but find nothing. I panic for a moment but take a shuddering deep breath. I'll figure this all out.

I slide off the tub, shivering. I have no clothes except for these shorts. I would consider them underwear because they are so bad. I slowly walk around the tub.

My legs are shaky but I'm starting to get feeling back into them. I notice a weird pedestal suddenly. There is something on it, but I can't tell. Maybe I should take a look.

Walking over, still dripping, I go over to the glowing pedestal and suddenly a device pops up. Startled, I jump back.

"That is a Sheikah Slate. Take it. It will guide you after your long slumber."

I look around it cautiously. Maybe it will cause a trap! I finally decide to grab it. I reach for it and tug it off. Then I wait for the earth to rumble when I remember that I'm alone, trapped.

Except for that woman's voice.

I peer at the device now, and I see it has some sort of glowing centre. I am sure I have never seen this device before, however I still don't remember anything, so I might of. Plus...

there is something familiar about it.

I realise that the wall that has trapped me has gone away. However, still, there seems to be no exit. Perhaps this is a maze I woke up in. And my name is Link. Yep, I'm sure of it now.

There are a couple of boxes, so I smash them, but to no avail. With a grunt, I kick a chest before immediately holding my toe. It was an old shirt. Looks pretty old and fragile, but it's okay.

I immediately pull it on. I suddenly see another chest and kick it as well. It still hurts, but at least I got pants. Like the shirt, it's pretty old and fragile, not to mention a bit short.

It can't be that old, though. It's not as if it was there for a century!

I glance around and see another pedestal, except with no holder.

"Raise the Shiekah Slate to the pedestal."

I cautiously tap it and the walls open. It's so bright, like when my eyes were shut. I walk over to the front, squinting and covering my eyes with a hand.

" are the light...our light...that must shine upon Hyrule once again. Now...go."

The light fades, leaving me feeling quite alone. However, I waddle through the pond, climb the small wall and run towards the day.

Sprinting, I run towards the cliff and felt the breeze go through my ponytail. It's like an open world just for me. I take a deep breath and close my eyes. It's truly the breath of the wild.

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