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Bittersweet longing for the past...


As a child,

the world is one of whimsy, fancy, and fun

A dandelion fluttering in the wind

Is an instant command to make a wish

The florets take to the air


Just like me

“Momma, why is the sky blue?

It’s pretty.”

The daily adventure to school

Is to learn and play

Upbeat music surrounds me

As I sing and dance along

With no regard to whether anyone’s watching

My fingers untangle the mess that math is

Numbers follow my every command

Everything is simple and sweet and clear.

I wish these ephemeral moments would last forever.

As a teen,

the world suddenly turns upside-down

The dandelion in the park

Doesn't deserve my time

It remains ignored

The skies turn purple and pink,

A strange, new kind of unexpected beauty

And the clouds are no longer cotton balls

I don’t ask my mother “Why?”

She doesn’t know everything

School prepares me for my future

But I don’t know what I want yet

The voices hurry me onwards,

Suddenly, I can relate to music about

Sadness, loss, and grief

I plug in my earphones

Locking myself in little haven

Away from reality

Nobody needs to know

Everyone with similar dreams fly above me

The joy I used to feel doing math

Has dissipated

“You’re your only competition.”

That’s not true.

I’m competing against everyone

And I have to win

The looks of disappointment burn

They all expect so much

And I can give so little

When did it all become so hard?

Why does it have to be me?

“Endure the hardships now, and enjoy later.”

What if I die before anything becomes worth it?

Would a normal life really be so terrible?

Should I continue along this downtrodden path?

The life is mine, but the decision isn’t

Why do I need glasses?

Suddenly, I can’t see clearly anymore.

Everything I thought I knew disintegrates into dust

The world’s suddenly complicated and bitter and murky

Is this the magical thing they call youth?

Why do people sing songs and tell stories about



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