Free from words..
Free from words.. words, freedom, longing stories

moonchild9 Highly confused lost person on the loose
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The insufficiency of words to describe ur yearnings..

Free from words..

Could u put into words the inadequacy u feel, the insecurities u live, ur loneliness, ur idea of peace

or ur need to just stop and take a deep never ending breath..

Ur desire of fulfillment... this urge u have to run down the road barefoot in the middle of the night..unbound.. the wind whipping ur face, the fresh air bursting your lungs..

the longing for the blue sea, the silent wood resounding with nature, the busy crowds of foreign lands, the pure hearted smiles of strangers...

To be free... from judgement, forced ambition and jealous minds..

Dont try ..because u are u made up of so many sensations

known and unknown, spoken and unspoken heard and unheard...

Could words ever be enough..?

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