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moonbceyy i'm just a 16 y/o stuck in fantasy land
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Have you always loved flowers? Do you love picking petals?

What if petals are the ways for you to go to the right path?


Spring season has arrived and they knew the wind would be blowing the leaves and flowers to the streets. Oh, how beautiful it looked...

Blossom, the girl who lives in Hedyass, the town of tourism due to how beautiful the sightings are and how captivating the flowers are there,

walked on the street while wearing a thin coat as she wasn't "blown" away by how windy it is.

A smile crept on her lips as she saw flowers flowing in the air and falling on the ground, but that smile dropped as she saw what her surroundings are.

Couples. Couples. Sweet couples.

Oh, how she wished she was one of them and was not the one who's envying them.

"Always hopeless romantic...I hate this." She muttered and sighed as she wandered around the street.

"Would be nice to have someone with me..." She sat down on the bench and looked around at her surroundings. Everything was beautiful. The trees, flowers, nature to be exact.

She was going to grab her phone when she felt a flower drop on her palm. She smiled as she looked around before picking one petal.

"Someone will love me..." Another petal. "Someone will love me not."

That continued until she got to the last petal that was ripped out, "Someone will love me..."

"Oh, no no no!" A boy said when the bike he's riding went towards the bench she's sitting on.

The ripped petal flew away as her eyes widened and got off once the bike crashed on the bench, causing the guy to fall on the ground.

She blinked and rushed towards him, "Are you okay?" She reached her hand for him to grab on and he did grab hers.

The palm of the man touched hers and pulled himself up before he pulled it away to see the ripped petal on his palm this time.

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