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My first short story about coming to terms with one's past and moving on.

Take one step

Laying on my bed, I look out the window and admire the blue sky while the warmth of the sun dries up my tears.

I grab my phone and scroll through the flood of messages and missed calls. Should I answer them? Should I call them back?

I slowly get back up and wipe my face. No. I am in control. I will answer when I am ready.

Regardless of the decisions I make, not everyone will be pleased. And I know that.

I walk over to my bathroom mirror and push my hair behind my ears.

"It hurts but imma be okay" I mutter to myself.

Taking one deep breath, I close my eyes and think about the blessings in my life. My family, my friends, my knowledge, and my voice.

I am strong and I am hopeful. Even though I may face heartbreak, failure, and sadness, I will continue to pursue my happiness.

Because of who I am and because happiness is what I deserve.

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