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Many people have depression, and choose to not get treatment for it because of how it looks to take medicine for a mental illness, they don't want to face the reality of their problem, etc.. Others say those with depression need to get over it or pity them because they don't know the life of those who face depression daily. This poem is from my personal experience with it.

Blue Mind

Nobody’s mind ever thinks exactly alike.

Especially if you’re infected by the blue mind.

You have troubled thoughts that aren’t quite right.

Like you feel safe at the sight of the knife.

Like you’ll feel safe when falling from great heights.

Yes, these thoughts are about suicide.

As I said, no mind thinks alike when infected by the blue mind.

You want to use the knife, even sharpened it thrice.

But you can only cut on the surface, no matter how hard you try.

You want to fall from heights, feeling the air with delight.

But sitting up so high, knowing the end is nigh.

The blue mind tries to help push you off the side.

However, you find a fall like that isn’t a great goodbye.

You try to desensitize your loved one’s lives.

Tell them you’re all right, that you are fine.

You wish that you didn’t have to lie.

This is what it’s like when you are infected, by the blue mind.

You go to bed at night, holding in the cries.

By the time you go to sleep, you just dream of how to turn out the lights.

You look up to the sky, and get dressed for the ride.

Because wherever you go, you know you want to look nice.

People ask you why you want to take your own life.

You tell them that you’re tired of putting up the good fight.

You just want to take flight.

But you are just too shy, and you try to deny the wonders of your life.

It may not be kind, but these are the thoughts when infected by the blue mind.

You already got the noose tied, have it on tight.

And kick the chair under you with all of your might.

You want to run and hide, but the blue mind is sly.

It doesn’t comply, it finds a way to magnify the things that get you terrified.

There is no compromise, no way to sympathize or empathize.

Just a disguise that you hope can suffice.

This is the life when you are infected by the blue mind.

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