they're coming for me , tonight
they're coming for me , tonight ... stories
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His wings are shining so bright I wonder if they're on fire or it's just the holy light

they're coming for me , tonight

His wings are shining so bright

I wonder if they're on fire or it's just the holy light

It's almost midnight

and I am holding my pillow tight

I'm holdin' my tongue as well

And tryin' to ignore the bell

I'm not ready to set my soul for sell


Oh God if the devil breaks in

Should I pray for you or him?

Would it be a sin

If I let demons taste my skin

Tick ...tock ...

I can see the horns

I Check the clock

And wish I was never been born

he's unbreakable as a rock

Tricky as a rose filled with thorns

He cried , Hugged me until he broke my bones

The devil just kept on cryin'

I can't hide my fear, but I'm tryin'

His wings are soft but terrifyin'

I found my lost soul but my body is dyin'

My heart beats stopped and my mind was flyin'

Oh dear god I just ate the apple

nd it tasted good but I'm gettin in trouble

Adam asked:"r u ready to struggle ?"

Eve whispered " don't worry , that's what women do "

I said " No ! I had no clue "

The devil added " they say that too "

I screamed " it's all because of you !

I fucked it up that's true

But nothing on me it's all on you"

He got mad , killed me and all I see is blue

I died at 1:57 Am

The angels are taking me up to the sky

said I'm criminal and the devil will testify

God forgive me ,I can fix it , I'll try

"Relax u just lost ur soul , u didn't die

U can't tell ur friends that, sshhht just lie"

the angels took my heart out as I screamed why !

Why me ? I wanna jump but it's so high

Or I think I'm too high

I'm waiting for hope to whisper " hi"

I'm hurt , can't u see it through my eye? But whatever,for u I'll be always "the bad guy"

I'm hopeless honey so yeah , goodbye ...

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