The Fear of Death and Joy of Life
The Fear of Death and Joy of Life stories
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monstersoflife Community member
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My teacher made us write a short story with the prompt Thankfulness only we weren't allowed to use that word. This is what I came up with.

The Fear of Death and Joy of Life

Death smiled.

It was an ugly smile, filled with malice and greed.

His sharp, fang-like teeth ran red with blood and his eyes had become black holes a long time ago.

Perhaps it wasn’t his fault, but when Ann looked into those soulless pits, she wanted to scream.

Was she really ready to leave the bright, joyful world and join with this man? Did she really want to finish the pills?

Death reached out and long claws brushed across her face.

His smile stayed wide as ever and blood dripped to the floor.

Ann started backing up, rushing to get away from this man.

She ran until she slammed into somebody new.

This man was tall with glowing white clothes and sparkling eyes that made her smile.

He shoved Death away and shot her a smile.

But his smile was different.

It was warm and made her feel alive again.

Her world was engulfed in white and that was the last she saw of him.

Ann awoke in a hospital bed surrounded by her family. Death hadn’t gotten her and life had saved her. She smiled for the first time in years.

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