A Painful Journey (Part 1)
A Painful Journey (Part 1) oliver queen stories
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Oliver gets badly hurt for the first time since Diggle joined him. (Season 1)

The reason Oliver started storing his blood.

A Painful Journey (Part 1)

Oliver stumbled down the stairs, almost tripping down the last few. He collapsed on the ground and a loud bang echoed through the small lair, alerting Diggle.

Diggle raced around the corner with his gun up, but he quickly dropped it once he saw Oliver lying on the ground in a small pool of blood.

Diggle reached down and grabbed Oliver, but Oliver pushed away, stumbling and landing on the stairs again.

“Oliver,” Diggle said, “stop. You're hurting yourself.” But Oliver kept pushing against him, a slightly animalistic look in his eyes.

“Oliver,” Diggle repeated, calmly. “You're okay."

"I hope," he muttered. "We are in Starling City. I need to look at your injuries. Will you come sit down?”

Oliver shook his head and when he did, blood flew from his mouth. “Just let me do it myself.”

Diggle shook his head and reached for Oliver, but once again, the younger man pushed away, jarring his injuries. He cried out in pain as his back hit the ground.

“I’m sorry Oliver,” Diggle whispered and Oliver looked up confused.

Then Dig’s fist hit him full force and he collapsed, out cold.

This honestly worried Diggle because 1) Oliver would never let himself get hit like that and 2) it would take more than one punch to knock him out.

Diggle ran over to a long, metal table and pushed all of the weapons laid out on it to the floor.

He half-carried half-dragged Oliver over to the table where he attempted to put him on top of the table.

"Why are you so heavy?" Diggle asked, panting. Oliver only let out a pained groan.

Diggle stripped off Oliver's hood. There was so much blood. So much that made it hard for Diggle to pinpoint the exact injuries.

But he eventually found them: three stab wounds in between his ribs.

"What did you do, Oliver?" Diggle wondered aloud, shaking his head.

He pulled open a long drawer and pulled out a sharp needle and thread and prepared to stitch up his friend.

"Sorry Oliver," John said, standing over the man. "No anesthesia. I think you'll survive though."

Oliver groaned and opened his eyes. He tried to sit up, but he was too weak to struggle against Diggle pushing him back down.

Oliver let out of cry of pain and Diggle winced. "I know. But I have to stitch it up now. You are losing blood fast."

"Okay, just do it," Oliver said. His voice was sluggish and the words slurred together.

"Do you want me to put you out again?"

Oliver shook his head and his face was full of excruciating pain. "Please. Just get it over with."

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