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She was dancing - Dancing with Caroline's husband. He was going to knock the door and yell and make a scene. Instead......


On the way home, Carl was thinking about the reasons why he and Miya were slowly falling apart. The Bouquet of roses were in his hands.

He was feeling that this might be weird to gift her roses, because she always thought roses are better in a park.

She used to feel that later these "rose lands", as she would like to call them, would be great for her Instagram feed. He looked at his McDonald's shirt and checked for any burger or fries odor.

Yep, he was drenched in the fresh smell of a happy meal.

He thought to himself that maybe that odor might get her hungry and then they could grab a nice dinner in a romantic hotel, "who knows, right?" He mumbled.

He stopped and sighed at the sight of Caroline's house. "I should have just did what I had on my mind that night. Stupid introvert hesitation!" He bit his lip.

After a nice long walk he reached his home, and imagined the surprise on Miya's face when he came home early.

He rehearsed some merry "I love you's" and went near the door, but before he could ring the bell, he noticed a bright blue car in the driveway, which was oddly familiar.

He saw the yellow lights turned on inside, that Miya would light up when they would dance together. Otherwise, nobody was allowed to light them up.

He was in glee when he thought she anticipated for his arrival. He looked through the window to see her excitement, but what he saw almost fainted him.

She was dancing - Dancing with Caroline's husband. He was going to knock the door and yell and make a scene. Instead, he smiled. Smiled like a demon who was punishing the sinners.

He held on tight on the bouquet and stormed away. He walked and walked while laughing satanically.

There he was banging his hand on Caroline's door while exhaling in relief - relieving the stress as well as the burden of not doing what he wanted to do on the prom night when Caroline was

his woman. She opened the door and saw Carl with the bouquet, "Carl?" "It was always you!" Carl said and grabbed her face in his both hands and kissed her when actually she didn't even resist.

They both smiled, hugged each other and deeply exhaled, letting their regret go away.

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