Let the Wind catch yout tears
Let the Wind catch yout tears shortstory stories

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Let the world see your tears and help you to free your soul - crying is cleansing

Let the Wind catch yout tears

I can't stop crying.

I can't do nothing, but to listen to daily praises and sobs of people, who are dying and suffering inside.

But they don't won't to let others know about their feelings, like if they would be afraid of themselves, of their nature.

Why can't they just accept it?

In our century we've reached the peaks, our acnestors were not able to even fantasize! But still, this is not enough.

People are willing for something more, urging themselves that their own life is miserable.

They are rushing so much, they can't even stop for a second and unerstand, what an amazins spectrum of emotions they've been neglecting all the time.

And Tears are the best tool for this Spectrum to reveal itself.

Yet, people prefer to lock those tears inside, without even thinking of that tears will still find the way out, from the eyes of those, who care about those people.

And I was blessed with a talent, to find men, who are burdened with locked tears, that turn into the stone in our sould.

Who knows, maybe one day we will just open our eyes and cry. Cry, because we are still able to see this world. Cry, because our loved ones are still with us.

Cry, because the Sun kissess us with its sunshines. Cry, because we are happy or sad or puzzled or flusterred. Cry, because we can.

But as long as this day will not come into everybode's lives, I will just silently glide through the crowds of people, who will never notice me.

Because everything I can do is to catch ypur quite unnoticed sob and caress you with my intangible, warm gusts of wind

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