The Closet

monserojoI enjoy writing, it makes thing simpler.
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I came out.

The Closet

by monserojoclpse

I’ve spent too long in the closet, I forgot how to get out.

I searched for something I couldn’t find, only to realize it’s been outside this whole time .

I made a story, of a prince and princess,

but this isn’t Disney.

I know my secret, and I don’t have to keep it,

but I don't want to tell you.

I found my secret in a lover,

insane, strange, unforgiving, its coming. I don't need to pay for these crimes.

She was forgiving,

my lover, her head between my thighs, her loving eyes.

She'll give me gold, and Ill say yes,

I will not apologize.

There is no normality in this,

there is no normality in any love. I only know one thing,

I came out, this isn't questioned,

Simply a statement, a statement I’ve always known.

I no longer embrace racks of clothes,

but I embrace her, taking her warmth.

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