Manic Sigh by: David Monrouzeau Díaz
Manic Sigh

by: David Monrouzeau Díaz depressed stories

monrouzeau I write sad stuff.
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Manic notes on my heartbreak, when a lawyer I was dating ghosted me.

Manic Sigh by: David Monrouzeau Díaz

ill-met by this errant, displaced love which i deemed sacred while immersed in the musk of your fragrant lips and aging hair lips you scarred upon the skin i bared which now are a somber reminder of what i mourn but cannot tell

but whisper to the silence which sometimes wells to fervent screaming at the abyss in which i lay cradling the ashen hope of the lost joys of kinder days

where have you gone, if not away And my heart banished to fields of disarray only to find a type of solace between foreign sheets, to meet this ill-imposed trammel again by the fondling of strangers in my bed inside me, suffocating me, breaking me

not letting the heart wander too close to the edge lest it meet despair by the wax and wane of a love unmet unrequited uneventful and un-everything

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