habits of my heart
habits of my heart romance stories
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monosneakers It's okay to fall apart a little
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not everything that's beautiful lasts, us humans have to learn that the hard way.

habits of my heart

[part one/???]

"I love you"

"I love you" his voice was shaky, eyes glued to the girl as she walked away

her breath hitched

she wanted to turn around

to tell him she felt the same way he did

but she couldn't

her pride wouldn't let her

so, instead, she decided to shake her head

"don't lie to me,"


the crack in her voice was enough for him to know she didn't want to walk away

she didn't want to walk away from him

from their life together

but he also knew he was helpless as she took her first step

it signalled the end

the end of something beautiful

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