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Twenty-five years ago the signal was heard it has returned


When the call came in everyone looked at each other, confused someone said 'there must be a mistake,' another said 'no way that can't happen it's impossible,' someone called for quiet,

there was silence in the room,

as they listened they could hear a voice over the speakers saying 'who are you and what do you want here' there was no reply just a low pitch hum which grew in intensity then

it stopped abruptly, again they heard the voice repeat the question, again the hum began louder this time then an inaudible whispered reply came across the speakers, suddenly the line went dead.

It is twenty-five years almost to the day, it has started again, once more a research team has been sent to the area.

This time a group of five agents and four researchers have been assigned the task to investigate the source of the radio signals being transmitted from the abandoned town.

The team emerge from the swampy wooded area to the south of the rusting structure they feel a deathly stench fill the air yet it appeared there was no life in this part of the valley,

the town was founded as a fishing, mining and logging camp and finally, as a salmon cannery that was long ago abandoned.

As they approach the dilapidated building on the waterfront they hear a rumbling coming from deep below their feet then the ground begins to vibrate

without warning the building begins to split apart exposing a translucent globe.

Looking around in disbelief each team member searches but there appears to be no openings in the globe, all movement stopped as if time has stood still

hurriedly the team begin unpacking the equipment and set up a base camp to begin researching the anomaly, beginning transmissions back to the station the globe glows, an opening suddenly appears.

Back at the station when the call came in everyone looked at each other confused, someone said 'there must be a mistake.'

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