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monkeycewawaA poet who wants to express themselves
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I'm sorry I haven't been posting in a while. I've kind of been experiencing writers block.


Is it weird if I have a crush on both genders

I went through so many sexualities it was crazy

first, I was straight

and then I started liking girls and called myself lesbian

but, wait a minute I like guys too

after that I heard about bisexual and was like "That's what I am"

so, I'm coming out as bisexual

Side note: This is the story of trying to find my sexuality and It just felt right to share it with you guys. I hope that you guys don't change your opinion about me but, If you do please keep it to yourself. This is my first time coming out to a big group like this so, all I ask is for you to accept me for who I am. I just wanted to get it out their and off my chest. Thank you so much for reading!!

I love you all and have a good day (or night)!!

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