a Heart's Storm
a Heart's Storm

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moniquekichenbr Community member
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Searching through the darkness for our sunlight,
but there is no rainbow insight

a Heart's Storm

Heart struck by Lightning, a shock thats paralyzing.

The cold emptiness rumbles through me, ripping open the sealed eyes from my blinded fantasy.

Tears dripping on my face, knowing that I'm losing this rat race.

Flooding memories of when we met, leaves my soul soaking wet.

Waves of emotion roll out into pain. Shattered pieces drifting apart, simply too hard to regain.

Insecurities and anxiety spinning in a duet, the tornado I will never forget.

Remembering the times we shared a clear sky, I thought I'd love you until the day I die.

Perhaps we were destined to fail. Trapped anger cracks and bursts into hail.

In the shallow frozen past lies the smiles we made. Joy evaporates into the void where love once stayed.

Accepting the words unspoken, whispering winds through the hollow cracks of the broken.

Searching through the darkness for our sunlight... but there is no rainbow insight.

a Hopeful mind crashes from cloud nine, realising you where never mine.

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