The Gift, By : Monika
The Gift,

By : Monika  #o3__blogs stories

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You would love this if were deceived by your best friend in your high school.

The Gift, By : Monika

After reading the title you people might be having a thought about the first gift that I had received . But to shatter your guesses nope, you people are wrong.

Here I'm gonna talk about the first gift i gave to my ex-bestfriend .

This incident happened back in 2015 but I remember this till date because this incident had bothered me for the longest time.


she was my best and the not to note the only friend I had back then because I had so much pride in being an introvert and was so much into movies that I believed friends like those

in movies actually exist and here I definitely don't deny the fact that there are indeed people who actually are best friends'.

so back to the topic I had given her a gift which was made of glass and had a red teddy in it. I gave it to her as soon as she entered the class.

We used to sit together and since,

she had so many gifts she kept the important ones and she asked me if she could have some room in my bag to keep the gifts that were given by so called "not so important people".

And to my surprise my gift was also a part of it.

But yeah, she had invited me for her birthday party happening later that day at her place.

Everything went well and I gave her all the gifts that were in my bag.Everything was going good and it ended well.

I was still not ready to accept that I was not at all important to her and I still imagined that the previous incident was an accident but after a week when I went to her home because she

had asked me to join her for completing a group project. I was curious to join her and i agreed to it desperately .

My dad dropped me by her home and I was treated with some snacks and later she took me to her room.

there i was completely shocked seeing my gift in the dustbin.

i actually asked instantly,if this gift was given to her on her birthday last week and she replied with a whole lot of carelessness "yeah". I asked her"who gave that?"

and yeah, you guessed it right she replied " I don't know, and, probably it must be from another bony head".

My eyes were filled with tears.

To her insight and to everyone's insight it was just a gift but for me it was a part of my self respect self esteem and yes was definitely, my extension of friendship.

This incident taught me that there is a hell-heaven difference between friends and friends with benefits.

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