LIFE it is ...
LIFE it is ... life poetry stories

mona_here Community member
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Life is a moving picture with a sound track among silent films.
Where People are otherwise categorised into small groups , resistant to others .
Where being noticable and successful is mandatory.
Where meaning of life is not known , to begin with ,Surprises lying as we pass through it.
Where peers tend to pull you down with all the power which they should have used to rise.
But after all these hardships and criticizes , life gives us chance to grow , where sky is the limit .
This is my first post . Hope you all like it

LIFE it is ...

There you go again Where plots never change , Where life is a talkie and antagonists not to blame,

Living is a cycle One and all in a clique, Frenetically in all directions Never to cease,

Why?!! Is it bindingly entailed, Sticking out to the sunnier clime, A locale where nobody failed ,

Life,too complicated for a word As yet undisclosed, Hard to elucidate Unexpected walk , rosed

Too harsh to say the least, Compeers tend to tow you down, Lose no hope up until, For mere pain , soon will decrease And soon, be entitled to the crown.

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