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just more feelings


If the past makes up the future,

then live a great today

for a greater tomorrow

But now that’s impossible

I can’t live a great today

Or a greater tomorrow

I don’t know why it hurts

But it does

I don’t know why I feel as if though

you turn my world around

when it’s flipped upside down

We don’t even know each other

But still I feel

I feel for the one I never had

And who will never be mine

You called my name once

But not even that was right

You have her now

There will always be a her

Not a me

Never an us

Just her

They told me

That i’m just confused

That it’s not love

Of what i’m feeling

But every time you walk by

My heart flutters up

But then falls

Because I know we’ll never happen

Us isn’t there

And never will be

She is there

People tell me things

Like how you and her kissed

Do they seriously think I want to know that?

No one will ever understand

Understand how broken I am

They won’t ever understand

What’s going on in my life

Her is all there will ever be

Where did I go wrong

I used to be a happy talkative normal person

But now I’m shy and stupid

Now I’m just me

I hope you never find this out

I love you

I think

For some odd reason

It feels like

I do

But the world may never know

Who am I kidding

I’m crazy about you

But their are some people

who aren’t ready to hear that yet

You will always have her

Her, her, her

That’s all I will ever hear

Isn’t it ever enough

I’m alone

And always to be

I remember you and her

Holding hands

Talking about who knows what

Walking around together

And kissing

Well at least that’s what she says

And that makes me feel…

even more alone

You probably wouldn’t even care if you found out

I feel like nothing

Like a no one

I wish I was something

Something good enough for you

But I will never compare

To her

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