Home isn’t home anymore
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Have you ever felt like your gasping for air, but later realizing that no one else is breathing either? They’re just better at pretending they do.

By: Andie Ekman (me)

Home isn’t home anymore

by Andie Ekman (me)

Reliving the same day over and over again, with only a few changes has been my reality for over a year now

While normal people have their ups and downs made of happiness and sadness in their lives, I have bad, and even worse. Nothing is what it once used to be.

What you see is me being all happy and positive, trying to hide the fact that inside I feel lost. And where do people turn when they feel lost? Home.

Home is not a house or apartment, it's the people showing that they care about you and genuinely wants you in their lives.

When the lost once return home, everything can only get better from there.

But what about those who can't find home anymore? Or what about the once where home is gone, never to be seen again? Is it possible that they'll be lost forever for all eternity?

In that case, it's my turn to fly to Neverland.

Once those iron saviors touch your bare skin for the very last time, I swear that heaven will open its gates for you, welcome you to the new home.

Oh home sweet home, nothing can never replace you. Even these angelic wings on my back can cover the scars from the pain you've once caused. I'm the broken angel that couldn't be fixed.

The angel with a broken home.

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