2AM Hurts

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2AM the night just drags by

2AM Hurts

2AM the night just drags by. it used to have more meaning to me. what once was comfort has turned to silence

the scent of lilac has turned sickly sweet

ashes and dust left from burnt matches

ashes and dust left from burnt matches didn’t you know the fire's flames licked my skin

it promised things it couldn’t actually give

the silver moon hangs low outside my window

the only friend listening to my whispered secrets no one else can know

I wish I was better at expressing my feelings

but I constantly remind myself to keep my mouth shut

I know as soon as words come I would never be able to stop like a hurricane rushing the shore

destruction would be left in the wake because I know you couldn’t love me the way I need

ocean eyes remind me of the shallows but it’s a false sense of security because taking that dive would drag me through the currents

damn those eyes and those currents

I wish it was easy to stay afloat but the waves have other plans

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