For The One
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mollyharrell Community member
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A peak inside the unspoken between two lovers.

For The One

This is for the one who knows me well,

Whose eyes have seen what mine have not,

And whose ears do naught but listen.

This is for the one who has seen my tears,

Who have heard my silent screams,

And who watched by my side,

As I dealt with pain and sorrow.

This is for my silent companion,

Who does naught but wait,

Your silent caress grazes my skin,

As we dance out of time to a quiet tune.

This is for my first love,

My eyes see no other,

Even as crowds surround us.

This is for the one who holds me tight,

Who soothes and calms me,

Sweet lullabies linger in the night.

This is for the one whose heart beats in time with mine,

I am your Sun and you are my Moon.

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