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Feeling down and sad go on


Sadness is a incurable disease

It doesn't leave easily

Spreading like the wildfire

Do you want to know its origin

Where it is born

From the softest organ

You will try to make it strong

But you're still unaware

You've caught it already

It is diffusing in your heart now

Slowly turning it into a machine

Numb, cold, and rusted

It has grown weak

Weaker than a cracked glass

Your poor blood is next

Victim to the coldness

It freezes like the time around you

Wounded you pour out self hatred

Which will taste bitter

Mostly it is like venom for your confidence

The strongest part is unaffected

Your beautiful face smiles

Putting on a powerful exterior cover

It is permanent now

You will never fully recover

It just fades and reappears

You feel alone and have zero will

Still wake up to nothing

But a plain white wall

Set yourself to another sunrise

You have numerous goals to achieve

Decisions to make

Letting yourself forget for a second

That you have grown to be different

Cause now you have no option

But to live with it.....

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