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Who will win the Switch game?

The Switch Game

In the basement of a large white house, two men are discussing the outcome of which we know so well, and yet never seem to understand.

Joe, the slender older gentleman has been at the switch game for a long time. He argues that when the switch is to the left, the people feel more listened to and tend to become more docile.

He claims that the switch to the left side has the same effect as that long ago opiate for the masses,

after all when the people who live on the main parts of the street feel like someone at the switch has their needs in mind, they become complacent, trusting, and sedated.

Joe has been at the switch game for years. He remembers a time when whoever held the switch could be assassinated or worse, impeached.

He understands that if the switch is clicked to the wrong side, the people may become restless and start to question their positions and demand more from the switchers.

You see, Joe is an elite intellectual who has studied the game and played it with the class of a violinist.

He's never been far from the switch and has been itching to get his fingers on it, finally he has. In his last attempt at putting his fingers on the switch, he's chosen a woman to accompany him.

He feels this will give him an edge in the great switch game.

Don is the opposite of Joe. He has more fervor and fire in his belly. He is tall and husky with an imposing demeanor.

For the last 4 years Don has kept his finger on the switch to the right side. His rhetoric is full of championing reforms based on the religious majority.

Don is new to the switch game, but he is a student of history. He knows that religion is the true opiate of the masses and so he dolls it out by the spoonful.

While the left switchers have tried to get the main streeters in line, Don has taken the opposite approach and verbally catered to those living on the Wall.

Don's belief is that if the Wallers are taken care of, it'll trickle down to the main streeters and pacify them. Don sees himself as a common man though he is anything but common.

Him and Joe are practically the same person, except while Joe is a student of the switch game Don is a switch game prodigy.

Don embodies excitement and celebrity, he is a character full of vim and vigor, larger than life and bold in his decisions.

When he clicked the switch right, nobody believed it was possible, but he did it. His niche message resonated with the right switchers and they came out in droves to support him.

When all was said and done, when the dust had settled, the switch had been clicked right.

Now these two men sit inside the house discussing which way the switch should be turned again. Should it be kept on the right side or clicked to the left.

They argue and debate with all their might, pushing and shoving over the control switch, because ultimately the position of the switch will decide who will live in the house.

And so there they stand, unwavering in their belief that the switch will be turned their way when the dust settles. Two men, with their hand on the switch. Left or Right.

In the end it doesn't matter, the switch is frayed and damaged after years of use and abuse. Now it sits as a placebo for those outside the house.

The people's hope for a change is but bread and circus, merely entertainment to continue with the festivities of the "Switch Game".

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