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"Calmed" is a story which I encountered in real life on an unusual day. Read on what happens.


"Mom is anything bad today, why are you looking depressed"

"Nothing much"

The weather is not clear, it's kinda gloomy and the surrounding is decked by clouds.

The roads are unusually clear without any traffic at these working hours.

Everything seems to be clear but there is a sudden hound of a police van. But there are many moving ahead and down. There is nothing to be worried about, the shops are open as usual.

But no one seems to notice about the police vans moving all around the city. There is no one paying heed to any of those things.

It seems everything is CALM. But I felt something uneasy for the first time around my area. I have a round of the surrounding.

Just then I see these huge trucks loading lots and lots of people. Not one not two but there were a lot of them.

I suspected even more. What I really saw inside were policemen. But what were they doing there. My phone starts ringing , my mom calls me and asks me to return home. I return home.

Leaving the matter for the day.

Next morning I switch on the television to see a pandemic taking serious rounds and at these moments there are 19 deaths in each country. Then I walk out to see everything destroyed.

At this point I gasp at my dream, I wake up to see there is NO ONE AROUND ME!!

And that's the end of the story.

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